Strategy Session or Help with Program

Book an appointment with our coach specialist, Shane Jackman.

  • to enroll or set up your software
  • to strategize whether this is right for you - or your next move if you're already a member
  • for customer support

Mortgage Acceleration Training intro

Click to playWatch this short video showing how to schedule an appointment for a software setup or support. Conducted by Shane Jackman. 5 min. 46 sec.

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Fast Start Training

See what we're all about. It's easy. It's simple. It's fun. It supports your goal to be self-sufficient and possibly even wealthy!


play Video 1 (6 min, 3 sec)

Mortgage Acceleration Training intro

How to...

  • log in
  • set up your acceleration account


play Video 2 (4 min, 17 sec)

Entering your Mortgage in Equity cycling

How to...

  • enter your mortgage



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play Video 3 (4 min, 31 sec.)

How to enter your income in Equity Cycling

How to...

  • enter your incomes

play Video 4 (7 min, 57 sec.)

How to enter your debts in Equity Cycling

How to...

  • enter your debts
  • enter additional properties


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play Video 5 (16 min, 56 sec.)

How to enter your expenses in Equity Cycling

How to...

  • enter your expenses

play Video 6 (5 min, 22 sec.)

How to use a consolidation credit card in Equity Cycling

How to...

  • use a credit card to consolidate expenses
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play Video 7 (10 min, 53 sec.)

How to calculate your plan and use the dashboard in Equity Cycling

How to...

  • calculate your plan
  • use the Dashboard

play Video 8 (2 min,23 sec.)

How and wehn to reconcile in Equity Cycling

How to...

  • reconcile
  • know when to reconcile
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play Video 9 (6 min, 54 sec.)

Mortgage Acceleration program overview

How to...

  • read the Details page
  • change your notification methods
  • change your email
  • change your password



Besides the above-listed videos that are proprietary to Equity Cycling, after your login, you have access to 20 more videos covering:

  • client dashboard
  • details page (your 'balance sheet')
  • editing your personal and financial information
  • where to place debts
  • using a consolidation dredit card for monthly expenses
  • tracking investments
  • reconciling with your financial institutions' statements
  • what would it do to your mortgage payoff date if you spent $xxx on such-and-such a future date?
  • what would it do to your mortgage payoff date if you received $xxx on such-and-such a future date?

More Help

There is also a 'Help' tab inside your secure login that describes in writing how to use each aspect of the psoftware. In addition, there is a 'Support' tab that consolidates all non-proprietary help files and videos, including a searchable knowledge base.




Version Update 02.2010


Software Update Training

Click to playWatch this video introducing the February 2010 enhancements made to the Equity Cycling program. Conducted by Lin Ennis.


Click to playThis is a recording of a training conducted by Shane Jackman on August 3, 2009. The file will open in Windows Media, or whatever "wav" player is your default. Click the button to begin.


Credit Repair

Free Credit Report

Get your credit reports from all three credit bureaus once a year, absolutely free. Get them all at once, or one each quarter.

Letters to send under specific circumstances

The bold title below is the situation the letter you'll send to the credit bureau addresses. Put your name in the appropriate place in the template, save, and print. Be sure to attach whatever documentation the letter references. The letters are in Microsoft Word format for easy editing. Make enough copies to save one for yourself.

  1. The status is incorrect for the following account(s)
    Word Doc
  2. The following inquiry was not authorized
    Word Doc
  3. The following accounts were closed by me and should state that 
    Word Doc
  4. The following account is not mine 
    Word Doc
  5. The following account was a bankruptcy charge off with a zero balance  
    Word Doc