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Future Looks Murky for Homebuilders


Even though home sales are improving and prices are increasing, the outlook for homebuilders doesn’t seem to be heading in the same direction. Moody’s Investor Service, in fact, recently reported that it expects homebuilder companies’ numbers to decrease by approximately 8% in the upcoming year.

Moody’s expects the overall housing market to find itself in a better situation, but combined with the hits the building industry has taken in the past few years, the forecast isn’t so positive. The service predicts that homebuilders will still suffer an overall loss in 2010. Moody’s further predicts that these losses may linger into the first half of 2011 as well–even as the market works toward recovery.

And as is often seen when it comes to adverse market conditions, things may get worse before they get better. With an increase in unemployment malingering foreclosures, further housing price decreases may be just around the corner—and for a period that is longer than what was originally expected by analysts.

Moody’s and other services do expect the overall housing market to take a positive turn, but there are some obstacles it still has to overcome–obstacles that may make the recovery a more long-term than short-term process.

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