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No Crisis for Me

Every news segment reports great billions of dollars going hither and yon. Unemployment over half a million a month. Staggering numbers. Incomprehensible to the average person.

The barrage of negative reporting almost makes us forget the 80% or so of American home buyers who are doing OK. Maybe not great, but OK. Neither are we reminded most people buying a home are still paying their mortgages, on time every time. Some of us are accelerating our mortgage payoff, so we can be debt free in 5-8 years instead of 30 plus years as in a traditional fixed-rate mortgage.

Equity Cycling software is all about becoming debt free as quickly as possible, in most cases, in 5-8 years. The software prompts you when you need to pay each bill. It prompts you when you’ve built up a little discretionary income and could add more to the principal on your mortgage or any other debt you carry.

By presenting you with a constantly updated balance sheet for your household finances, equity cycling software makes you more aware of where your money goes. Looking at a snapshot of your financial picture helps you make better decisions – at least better-informed decisions.

The folks who are in the greatest financial distress right now are the ones waiting for the other shoe to drop, for things to get worse, yet they really don’t know where they stand financially. Fear is stronger, for most people, than the desire to break with inertia and learn the facts about their personal finances.

You can refuse to be in crisis. In fact, you can pay off that mortgage in less than a third the time and let your mortgage make you rich. If you’d like to step off of the financial crisis band wagon, check out a demonstration of Equity Cycling mortgage acceleration software.


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