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Finding Your Inner Squirrel

Finding Your Inner Financial SquirrelI read an intriguing line today on a colleague’s website. The line is

“After the crash, they went into therapy and rediscovered their inner squirrel.”

The citation goes on to say we’re saving money, stashing away pine cones and acorns for winter. We’re also preparing for future thrift by planting vegetable gardens, building power plants and rainwater harvesting–my recent favorite!

The entrepreneur who cited the visually-rich excerpt is Brad Wajnman of The Wealth Vault. The author of the evocative description is Bill Bonner, who wrote The Daily Reckoning piece in June of 2009. We’re cutting our own hair, drying our own tomatoes, pressing our own clothes, planting a clove of garlic in every flower pot…

Bonner suggests we have short attention spans, and like barking dogs who snap to attention when you rattle a can of rocks, we’re easily distracted by shiny objects and anything that requires a recharging station.

I’m not as cynical; though, I do think take his evaluation as a warning is prudent. To date, our broad mix of Equity Cycling clients are projected to save an average of over $210,000 each. And with the tax credits for energy-conserving windows and doors, energy efficient roof coatings, and rainwater and greywater harvesting, we think our clients will hold on to what they’ve learned and create massive wealth in the years to come.

Wanna join us?


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