“Save Up to 66 Percent on Your Mortgage”

Begin now and save up to 66 percent on your mortgage

…is the subhead of an article by Andrew Waite entitled “Paying off your mortgage: The Ultimate Payoff.” The 3-page article, served up with a full-page ad from UFirst touting its Money Merge Account, appeared in the May-June issue of “Personal Real Estate Investing Magazine.”

Waite compares seven mortgage acceleration programs, including a version of the one that appears on the equity cycling site.

The exciting part of the article is its boldness in declaring 66% savings by paying off your home faster. Waite says a 30-year loan paid in less than half the time will save more than 40% of the scheduled total. My experience is that Equity Cycling will help you pay off your home sooner. Most clients come in at around eight years. Of course, that depends on your income, other debt, etc.

There is sound math and massive savings for the disciplined homeowner.

I agree with the first part of that. But you don’t have to be terribly disciplined. The software prompts you when you need to act. Call it a cyberkick in the derrière. An email or text message stating the number of transactions awaiting your attention.

Just buy mortgage acceleration software now. The proof is in the math! If you wait, you’ll save less. Duh!

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