Recycling Money

Equity cycling software seems to be improving user’s financial literacy. When they learn, through the guidance of the mortgage acceleration software, how to position their money in relation to their debts and investments, the curtains are drawn back, the spotlights turned on and the orchestra starts playing. An awakening occurs.

Almost before you know it, clients have run ahead of their advisors and eliminated a debt or two or three in only the first couple of months. That’s the reduce part of the trio.

The concept of equity cycling itself attends to the reusing and recycling. Dollars are used to purchase property and make the monthly payments, thus building equity. Then dollars are drawn out of that equity and paid right back into the property, reducing principal and substantially cutting interest owed. The same dollars are, in a sense reused. As the process is repeated, the same dollars are recycled.

I didn’t anticipate reusing and recycling dollars would inspire clients to also curb their spending. Of course, the outcome is amazing, because instead of being debt free in 8 years, some will be debt free in 5 years – including their mortgages.

Thus savvy homeowners can begin to create wealth. With no more debt hanging over their heads, with their homes free and clear, with the credit rating of someone who’s just eliminated a pile of debt in a few short years, these folks will be able to tackle any sorts of investments they like – the investments they were always drawn to but believed they didn’t have the cash to participate in.

Going green takes on a whole new meaning when applied to money: reduce, reuse, recycle.

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