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Get Out of Debt Faster
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Get Out of Debt Faster

Daily we talk with people about why they should get out of debt. Today I want to share with you a brief message from one of my favorite financial literacy websites.

Get out of debt as soon as you can. I hope this one is obvious. Debt drains your soul — and your bank account. When you eliminate debt, you eliminate burdensome interest payments, freeing that cash for other uses.–J. D. Roth

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That’s why the name of our parent company is Soul Business Ventures, LLC. Because money, finance, life – everything we do – affects our soul, our heart. Here at Equity Cycling we lead with our hearts, because we want to reach your heart.

I don’t agree with every teaching JD Roth publishes; I know that because I read his blog–a lot. I do agree with his heart: control your financial present so you can control your financial future. Save, spend, share. It’s that simple. And for most of us, that starts with addressing debt. Get out of debt, then stop going into debt to support your lifestyle. In other words, avoid consumer debt.

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