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Are you fed up with the cumulative amount of interest you pay for a home or a car or even a refrigerator? There seems to be a lot of misrepresentation when it comes to publishing and advertising interest rates. Sure, they may say it’s 6%, but if it’s a 30-year loan, do you realize the total interest – including the reality of the diminishing balance – is 115.838%?

In “Early Mortgage Payoff Secrets,” I spill the beans and explain all the tricks of the trade I know, from where to get extra money to pay off your loans to how to pay them so your payments are credited immediately. Yes folks, the bank can hold your money until it receives the equivalent of a whole payment, unless you follow this simple guideline.

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When you no longer have a house payment, car payment or credit card payment, how much wealth could you build with that extra thousand or two dollars a month?

That’s what we’re going for: helping people turn debt into wealth!