Debt Acceleration Savings Average

Our clients save an average of $210,628.30. That was the score May 19th, 2010, when we opened each client record and copied their total debt and calculated savings in a spreadsheet, which magically totaled the client list and divided into a reliable average.

Total debt of all clients was $370,054.10averaged to a per client basis. That debt figure would be principal only, since mortgages and credit card figures don’t routinely indicate how much would be paid if the client paid as recommended. (Some credit card statements now show the total that will be paid in if one makes only the minimum monthly payment, or some other low amount. Mortgage statements do not do this; only the loan documents that show the initial APR reveal that demoralizing total.)

Since last fall’s Federal Trade Commission changes affecting testimonials and endorsements, Internet users might be better able to find out whether certain programs really work. The most-sweeping change was that companies and writers can no longer make outrageous claims (the star of the starry skies) and add the caveat “results not typical.” If results are published, they have to be what the typical client could expect to realize.

That’s why we at Equity Cycling took the time to review all client records and ascertain our real numbers – before we get so many hundreds of thousands of clients we won’t have time for such scientific explorations.

To put our average savings into context, we had clients with total debt ranging from $62,944.96 to $1,154,413.92. Yes, that’s correct – from around $60K to over $1 million. The fastest to become debt free at the time we made our chart was 4.17 years. The slowest was 19.79 years. But the average was 10.1 years. You can see, that’s just about half of the longest payoff term. (Over half of clients were 10.x years and under.)

Do mortgage and debt acceleration really work? Look at the numbers.

But that’s still hypothetical to you, isn’t it? What would your debt free dates and plan savings look like? There is a way to find out. You can get an instant, kind of lame, free analysis here on our website. But the best way to see how your scenario would work out is to get a strategy session with one of our acceleration specialists. What the counselor will do is take your real numbers – your debt, income and living expenses – and put them into the Equity Cycling software while you look on through a private webinar, so you can see the counselor’s screen and exactly how the software is set up and works.

Providing you give us accurate numbers and they hold true while you’re on our mortgage and debt acceleration program, your results are guaranteed.

How about them numbers?


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