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Early Mortgage Payoff Support

Just when you thought mortgage acceleration software might be a tad ho-hum, we’ve stepped up our game to lead the industry with even more customer support.

Original Support Components

First, a look at what equity cycling already offers on the customer service front to help you get your home paid off faster. We won’t talk about the mortgage acceleration software itself here, just the support and customer service aspects of doing business with our company. (If you want to compare us to other companies you know about, please write your comments below. I think we’ll not only stand up favorably, but pull way ahead!)

Consultation to Weigh Options

We’ve always been generous with our time on the telephone, to talk with you and help you decide whether the software would benefit your bey0ond simply following the principles on your own without the detailed prompts.

Convenience – We Save You Time

We’ll set up your own numbers in the software so you can see how much interest you can save — no guesses, just the facts. You send us your income and expenses (no account numbers, for security). We enter the numbers, review them with you, then while looking at the actual software together, talk about what it may or may not do for you.

When it comes to getting you started after to buy Equity Cycling mortgage acceleration software, again, we enter (or update) your numbers, and with the magic of screen sharing go over each aspect step-by-step. You know exactly what to do next, and we’re only a phone call or email away if you need a refresher. This ensures you don’t buy something you don’t use,. It’s set up, ready to go, we help with your first transactions and you’re on your way! (Thousands of people have purchased from other companies and never used the software — even at $3500!)

Free Trial

Then there’s the seven-day trial. You can’t experience much actual savings in seven days, but you can at least see how easy it is to enter and change data! You can’t get much better than this! A real look under the hood!


A 2300-word help page describes each function, heading by heading. In addition 20 videos cover each aspect of the software screen, showing exactly what to do at every point. This is uncommon in the early mortgage payoff software business. We’re very proud of what we have.

Follow Up

We don’t sit back waiting for you to call. At the end of your first three calendar months, you’ll hear from us with an offer to either help you reconcile the month’s end, or to be on-hand through screen-sharing while you do it yourself. Most people don’t want help after the first month, but we want to make sure you’re on track, keeping up and saving!

More Recent Developments

Our software developers are constantly making improvements to Equity Cycling. Some are small changes, some are sweeping, such as foreign language development.

Hablamos EspaƱol

Yes, we speak Spanish. Our software is user-selectable between English and Spanish. Other languages are in the works and may be prioritized upon request. What better support can we offer you than communicating in ways you understand?

New Support Subdomain

Just this week we rolled out a new support subdomain where you can ask any question, read the top ten most-asked questions, browse help by categories and search the knowledge base by typing in a question. The programmers are notified whenever someone types in a question that has no answer, so they can add to the answer database, making it more robust over time. Try mortgage acceleration software support.

Your Thoughts

We welcome your comments and questions. Please let us know how familiar your are with mortgage acceleration software if you make a comparison to another product. For example, do you represent a speed equity product?

PS: To see a demonstration of Equity Cycling software, pick a date