Lin Ennis

Lin Ennis

EquityCyclingâ„¢ was founded by Lin Ennis, an educator who enjoys simplifying complex ideas. She started her first business in 1988 and has helped people solve business problems continuously since then.

In the fall of 2003, she began using the principles of cycling and recycling home equity to accelerate the pay down of her primary mortgage. In the first two years, she eradicated nearly ,000 long-term interest, at a short-term interest cost of about 0.

It was out of a passion to help her friends and neighbors that she wrote and published Let Your Mortgage Make You Rich! in 2006. Her project partner, John R. Barker, was one of the people she most wanted to share her experience with, and John set up the first website and marketing strategies for Let Your Mortgage Make You Rich! as well as offering valuable feedback on the manuscript. That 86-page manual describes several early mortgage pay-off techniques and explains both the principle and how-to of equity cycling.

Why software, if all can be explained in print? Because people who are more accountable for their finances are more motivated to pay down their debts quickly; thereafter building wealth faster. puts a household “balance sheet” in front of the user every time he or she logs in. Prompts on when to pay what, and where to move money triple the speed of reaching that debt-free day for most users.

Once we found a way to offer quality software at an affordable price point, the next logical step was to offer it to people stepping off the debt treadmill.

Headquarters is 56 Lynx Drive, Sedona, Arizona, 86336; phone 928-282-1808. Equity Cycling engages independent agents to represent its services.

Join us, become debt free and free to help others more.